What This Means to Me...

Oct 11, 2023

Hi Friends!

To me, "Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You" is way more than just a tagline,  In both my businesses, they are ways of being and operating that embody:

  1. What I want to be known for (my personal brand)
  2. What I would want clients to say about me (my legacy)
  3. What I want clients to experience through their interactions with me (client experience) and
  4. How I hold myself accountable

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You is at the core of how I live and work and, encapsulates not only a philosophy but a call to action—an invitation to live life on your own terms, unapologetically and authentically.

Be Bold

To be bold is to have the audacity to chart your own course, to question the status quo, and to challenge the limits that others may impose upon you. Being bold means taking ownership of your choices and decisions and refusing to be defined by others' expectations.

Being bold, to me, is about speaking up for what I believe in, advocating for justice and equality, pushing boundaries in my professional pursuits and holding others accountable.  It means boldly saying "yes" to opportunities that align with my values and "no" to those that do not.

Choosing to leave my role as the Director, People & Culture for an IT Services organisation after working so hard for 12 years to get there didn’t make sense to a lot of people.  However, it made sense to me because it was aligned with my values and integrity and my instinct told me that I was burnt out and needed to take a leap of faith and go on this trip around Australia with Chayne who I’d only known for about 6 months.  Crazy or bold – but it all worked out for the best! 

Be Brave

Being brave is not about the absence of fear; it's about acknowledging fear and choosing to move forward anyway. It's about daring to step out of your comfort zone, confront your insecurities, and face challenges head-on. Being brave means having the courage to be vulnerable, to express your thoughts and feelings, and to pursue your dreams even when they seem daunting.

For me, being brave was leaving a secure job to go travelling around Australia.  Or when I decided to start my own business because an Irishman named Basil had some work for me. Or when I had the conversations that really mattered with CEOs who had control of my contract and I then formed great relationships with them.  Or when I’ve held clients accountable or challenged toxic behaviour.   It meant overcoming the fear of failure, rejection, and uncertainty. It meant taking risks, stumbling, and picking myself up to keep moving forward. Being brave has allowed me to grow and evolve in ways I never thought possible.  It’s about pushing through self-doubt and outside of my comfort zone to take myself to the next level.  It's about celebrating my achievements and learning from my mistakes with equal enthusiasm.

Be You

Being you is the heart of authenticity. It's about honouring your true self—your passions, values, and beliefs—rather than trying to fit into someone else's mould. It's understanding that your worth is not determined by external validation or comparison to others. When you embrace who you are, you radiate a unique and authentic light that can inspire and empower others.  It's about embracing all that makes you, you!  Your strengths, your story, your skills, your experiences, your values, your uniqueness and individuality without apology. 

To me, being me means acknowledging my imperfections, embracing my strengths, and continuously evolving. It means recognizing that my journey of self-discovery is ongoing and that it's okay to change, adapt, and grow. It's about finding joy and fulfilment in being true to myself and using my voice to make a positive impact.  It’s about being totally authentic with my clients, allowing them to see that I’m perfectly imperfect and holding myself accountable to my own values and legacy always.  It’s really important to me that I role model staying true to me, if that’s what I want my clients to do too!

In Conclusion

"Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You" is a mantra and tagline but more than that it’s totally aligned with my values and resonates deeply with me in the way that I live life and conduct myself professionally. It's an encouragement to live with intention, courage, and unwavering authenticity. It’s about me owning all the parts of me and in doing so standing in my own confidence.  So, I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery, to be brave, to be bold, and above all, to be unapologetically you.