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I'm Janine
An experienced and passionate coach who loves supporting women to step into self-confidence so that they can get more out of their career and life!
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Hey friend,

Really glad you're here 🤎.

I'm Amy, the founder and dreamer behind the beans robust café au lait crema sweet steamed, body sugar cream qui aged french press grounds.

Here's my story....

Over the last 12 years I've had my own business working across various industries in the corporate sector as a coach, facilitator and consultant. I’ve coached 100’s of men and women and this space has always been my niche. However, in the last few years what’s really got me excited is when I’ve worked with women and seen how the coaching has enabled them to rediscover themselves at a new point in their lives.

Seeing someone step back into their confidence and how it pays off for them is pure joy for me. The results have included promotions, salary increases, new opportunities, visibility, a willingness to have tough conversations rather than avoid them, selection into high potential programs and so much more. But beyond these it has been seeing these women go on a journey back to self.

My Mission
is to empower more females in corporate or business to be bold, be brave and be the best they can be professionally and personally through coaching, an on-line program and a supportive community. 
I get it!

 I understand that we juggle many roles in our lives.  I run 2 businesses, I’m a mum to two boys, a partner, a daughter to aging parents and the list goes on.  It can be challenging to find time for ourselves, let alone focus on our personal and professional goals.  

But here’s the good news:  You don’t have to do it all alone.  Through this community and me as your coach, I want to support you to navigate the complexities of your many roles, while also helping you rediscover your inner strength, purpose, passion and confidence. 

We’ll also tackle the challenges that come with being a successful woman in the corporate or business world, whilst also honouring your other roles in life.  And let’s be real, we’ll probably also talk about the joys and struggles of juggling it all, from managing schedules to finding time for self-care.  With support, information, guidance, coaching and a safe space to just focus on you – let’s see where this journey back to self takes you!

Me in a nutshell

Here's me and my background summed up in a few key points:

People and behaviour have always been my thing!  Maybe that explains my obsession with true crime podcasts?

  • I've got a corporate background in Human Resources that I didn't know would be such a passion of mine and give me so much purpose
  • At the peak of my career, I left my role as the Director, People & Culture for an IT Services organisation and went travelling around Australia for 12 months with a very new boyfriend (who has now been my partner for 13 years).
  • That year changed me and how I saw the world in every way.
  • When we returned, the universe and an Irishman named Basil asked me (told me!) to start my own business and 12 years later Be You Consulting is still going strong....
  • I've had the privilege of working with 100's of clients, across many different industries in my role as an Executive Leadership coach, facilitator and consultant
  • And so my new business was born where I'm on a mission to help women cultivate self-confidence, rediscover themselves and achieve greater fulfilment and success in the personal and professional life. 






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