Hi, I'm Janine.

I work with female corporate and business owners to move from...

Self Doubt to Self Confidence Feeling Stuck to Taking Action Overwhelm to In Control People Pleasing to Healthy Boundaries Limiting Beliefs to a Growth Mindset Disconnected to Discovering Yourself Again 

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Hi, I'm Janine.

Empowering women in business to be the best they can be

Are you ready to unlock all the benefits of cultivating self-confidence? 

As a female coach working with female corporate clients and business owners, I understand that we juggle many roles in our lives.   I’m a founder and CEO of 2 businesses, partner, mum to 2 boys, daughter of aging parents, taxi driver………..you get the picture.  I know it can be challenging to find time for ourselves, let alone focus on our personal and professional goals. 

What I want for you is to create a space where you can explore what you want and need and empower you through coaching and community.  My focus is on helping women to cultivate self-confidence, rediscover themselves and achieve greater fulfilment and success in their personal and professional lives.    I want to create a community where women feel supported, inspired, understood and know that they are not alone in their journey.  

Ready to join a supportive community of women and unlock your full potential?

Client Testimonial 

"Janine created the perfect environment, where I felt comfortable, and guided me through the process of realisation, acceptance and best of all helped me to navigate the journey to rebuild my self-confidence, to truly discover myself and reassess what I want both professionally and personally and to own my achievements. 

Personally, I was coming out of a very personal loss which decimated my entire world. I had spent many years rebuilding myself and my life but was struggling. Janine supported me to resolve these few points and to find balance and gratification.

Personally, I have rebuilt my confidence, I am clear on where I add value and what I need from a workplace in return. I am comfortable having the difficult conversations (both giving and receiving feedback). I lead by example and can see where I make a difference in how I lead my team, which proudly includes utilising some of the tools Janine used with me."

 Candice Morrison


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Are you ready to come on a journey back to self?


Why me?

I’ve coached 100s of women and there is one common thread between all of them…………..the impact lack of confidence has had on them at some point in their career or life.

I’ve also seen what happens when women own who they are, utilise their individual strengths and step into confidence and I want to empower and support you to do that too.

So now I’m on a mission to help even more women cultivate self-confidence, rediscover themselves and achieve greater fulfillment and success in their personal and professional lives.  

Let’s work together to help you unlock your full potential and create the life you deserve.

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