EmpowerHer: Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2024!

Jan 16, 2024

As we step into a new year, it's the perfect time to reflect on our goals, aspirations and the path we want to pave for ourselves across 2024.  Below is a list of 8 key strategies and suggested actions for your consideration to ensure that 2024 is all you want it to be!

1.  Reflect on Achievements and Lessons Learned

Take a moment to reflect on the year that was - What are you proud of?  What did you achieve?  What goals did you tick off?  What didn't go to plan?  What were the challenges?  What lessons will you take into 2024?  Celebrate your successes and acknowledge the lessons learned from your setbacks.  This reflection will provide valuable insights into your strengths, areas for improvement and the goals you want to pursue in the coming year.   Try and build in space for reflection on a regular basis throughout 2024 to check in with how you're going against your goals, what's going well, what's not and what you might need to change or realign to.

2.  Define Clear and Achievable Goals in Alignment with What 'Success' Means to You

Make sure you're really clear about where your time, energy and focus needs to be directed in order for you to feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment at the end of 2024.  There is a big difference between "being busy" versus "my effort made a difference".   Set SMART goals, break them down into quarterly deliverables and then create space in your calendar to do the things that matter versus being reactive or fighting fires.   Be clear on your goals within your job, but also consider what goals you want to put in place for you personally not just professionally!  All goals you write for yourself personally and professionally need to lead directly to what 'Success" looks like and feels like for you!  

3.  Cultivate a Growth Mindset 

 Embrace a growth mindset.  Use challenges and setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth.  When things go wrong, it is your greatest chance to learn and adapt as required.  I know for me, in these times where I've had challenges they have also been my greatest lessons for what I can do differently moving forward and enabled me to grow within my roles and my business.  A growth mindset fosters resilience and a positive attitude, essential qualities for success in any endeavour.    

4.  Invest in Continuous Learning

Let's face it - most organisations promise a lot around training and development but don't always deliver or it is very aligned to your current role.   You have to take charge of your own learning and invest in yourself.   Stay abreast of industry trends and advancements.  Attend workshops, webinars and conferences to expand your knowledge and skill set.  Consider enrolling in relevant courses or pursuing certifications that align with your career goals.  The more you invest in yourself, the more equipped you'll be to tackle challenges and seize opportunities as they become available.  

5.  Build a Supportive Network

Surround yourself with a supportive network of people who can support you and guide you in your career.  Do you have a mentor?  A sponsor, that person who will put your name on the table when it comes to relevant opportunities or when they're talking about $?  Do you have a group of colleagues that you trust, can soundboard ideas or issues with?  Do you have a coach especially if you're in a leadership role?  Do you belong to an industry network or group?  A strong network can provide valuable insights, open doors to new opportunities, and serve as a source of encouragement on your journey. 

6.  Prioritise your Wellbeing

In most of my coaching conversations across 2023, wellbeing or 'me time' became a hot topic for discussion with my clients.  So many individuals felt like work was taking over, in terms of time and energy and that they'd lost their sense of self along the way.  This is clearly a huge topic to unravel in one paragraph within a blog but suffice to say I wanted to highlight it so you can think about your own wellbeing.  Wellbeing and/or 'me time' will be different for every person and I just want you to plan this time to dedicate to your wellbeing as you'll plan everything else.  Start with something small - when's the last time you went to the dentist? optometrist? skin doctor? or GP for bloods?  Take 15 minutes this week to make 4 phone calls and book these appointments in.  Plan for your wellbeing as much as you'll need to plan for work priorities.  

7.  Authentic Self-Promotion

Don't shy away from highlighting your accomplishments!  Keep track of your achievements and regularly update your direct Manager, your resume and Linked In profile.  Celebrating your successes and that of your team should be a regular occurrence and not just at the end of a project but along the way!  Highlighting your success not only boosts your self-confidence but also positions you as a valuable asset within your organisation and the broader community.  

8.  Coming Up in the Helicopter

 Creating space on a regular basis is so important so that you can assess how you're tracking, what's working and what's not, realign and reset.  I'm often asked to facilitate planning sessions with teams, but they are usually done right before the end of the company's financial year or at the start of the new year.  As a group it is essential to create space to come up in the helicopter at least once a quarter, my preference is monthly.   It is a very different view of how things are going when you're in the busy and the day to day so creating opportunities to come up and get a different perspective is essential.  On an individual basis, you need to take control of your calendar and time by spending at least 1/2 hour a week reflecting, reprioritising and planning for the week ahead.  

I hope the above helps you to start 2024, as you mean to finish it.  Wouldn't it be nice to walk across the finish line in December rather than crawling?   As we embark on the journey that is 2024, remember that you're not just setting yourself up for success - you're empowering yourself to thrive in every aspect of your life.  Here's to a year filled with growth, achievements and the fulfillment of your aspirations. 


1.  What resonated with you the most?

2.  Which of the 8 suggestions do you need to focus on the most and take action in for 2024 to be successful for you?

3.  What's your first 3 actions you're going to take?