Authentic Self-Promotion for Women in Corporate

Nov 20, 2023


This week's blog actually came about as a result of the current cohort in the 'Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You' program.  In one of the group coaching sessions, self-promotion was raised as a blocker to reaching self-confidence and as a group we discussed the negative connotation associated with the concept of self-promotion.  So much so, that I've now added in an additional module to the program all about Authentic Self-Promotion.  

In the corporate world, the call for authenticity is louder than ever. Women, in particular, often find themselves navigating a delicate balance between showcasing their achievements and staying true to their authentic selves. It's time to rewrite the script on self-promotion. 

The Power of Authenticity

Self-promotion is not about boasting, being the loudest in the room to get noticed, shouting from the rooftops, ego or conforming to stereotypes. It's a powerful tool for women to showcase their unique strengths, experiences, and contributions in a genuine and relatable manner to assist them with furthering their growth and development or advancing them.

  1. Redefining Self-Promotion:

Authentic self-promotion begins with redefining the concept. It's not about conforming to traditional notions of grandstanding but about owning and celebrating your achievements with sincerity.

  1. Crafting Your Narrative:

Your story is your strength. Craft a narrative that reflects your journey, achievements to date, challenges faced, and lessons learned. Share your story in a way that resonates with authenticity, connecting on a human level with your audience.

  1. The Authenticity Advantage:

Authenticity is a magnetic force. This is absolutely about just truly owning who you are and being you!  Embracing your true self fosters genuine connections, builds trust, and positions you as someone who values transparency and integrity.

 Here are some practical strategies to assist you with authentic self-promotion: 

  1. Own Your Achievements:

It's not arrogance; it's acknowledgment. Own your achievements unapologetically. When discussing successes, emphasise your role, the effort and contributions with confidence.

  1. Highlight Collaborations:

Showcase the power of “we” not “I”.  Emphasise how your collaborative efforts contributed to team successes or outcomes. Authentic self-promotion acknowledges the collective achievements of the group.

  1. Demonstrate Growth:

Authenticity involves embracing growth. It’s not just about owning current achievements but also showcasing a commitment to continuous learning, adaptability, having a growth mindset, development and improvement.

  1. Addressing Imposter Syndrome:

Authentic self-promotion doesn't shield one from challenges, but it equips women to face them with grace and resilience.

Authenticity dismantles imposter syndrome. By embracing your authentic self, you recognise that your achievements are valid, and you belong in the spaces you occupy.

  1. Overcoming Stereotypes:

Challenge stereotypes with authenticity. Demonstrate that strength and kindness, assertiveness and collaboration, can coexist. Be a living testament to the diverse facets and strengths of female leadership.

  1. Turning Setbacks into Stories of Resilience:

Setbacks are part of any journey. Authentic self-promotion involves turning setbacks into stories of resilience. Discuss how challenges shaped your character and fueled your determination.

  1. Subtle Visibility:

The key to subtle visibility is to integrate self-promotion naturally into your professional interactions, emphasising the collaborative and team-oriented aspects of your achievements.  Consistency over time will contribute to a strong and positive professional image.   For example – volunteering for speaking or presenting opportunities or sharing relevant articles on social media

Authentic self-promotion is not a one-time event; it's a continuous journey. As women in corporate settings, let's empower each other to embrace authenticity, celebrate achievements, and redefine the narrative of female promotion. Together, we can create a corporate culture where authenticity is not only embraced but celebrated as a catalyst for positive change.

In the words of Maya Angelou, "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." Authentic self-promotion is the pathway to this profound success for women in corporate.